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Testimonial Page

Hi everyone! It's been a while since the last update of this website, which was launched only in the end of April this year. Since then I have been busy working on several chess projects, doing my regular chess teachings and last month we left our two-room appartment for a new house in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Although I can't say my life has calmed down, I do hope (no false promises!) that from now on I will be able to update my website more regularly. For now I have just decided to add a new page with testimonials of several students whom I meet in private and/or group sessions. This part of the site will be updated every now and then, just keep trying to convince potential new clients to make use of my trainings services. Although I never really had to complain about people informing about my training services, it's fascinating to see the increase of requests since the launch of this website!

Stay safe & healthy! Till the next post!

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